Amazon Prime Day 2022

Amazon Prime Day 2022 starts July 12 at 12:01 am PDT and lasts through July 13 at 11:59 PM PDT. I spent the time looking through page after page of Prime Day Deals to create a collection of products that I think will help you in and around your home. Whether you are looking for… Continue reading Amazon Prime Day 2022

10 Survival Items To Thrive In A Power Outage

Last week Oklahoma had one of the worse power outage events in history. We were personally without power for about 72 hours. What made this storm worse was that it was unexpected. Ice storms just don’t occur in October in Oklahoma. Many people were caught off-guard and unprepared. Fortunately, we already had survival items on… Continue reading 10 Survival Items To Thrive In A Power Outage

Wild Sand Plum Jelly

I was so excited to find a row of wild sand plum bushes on our acreage when we moved in. Sand plum bushes are also known as sandhill plum, sand hill plum, Chickasaw plum, or mountain cherry bushes. After I learned what they were I noticed that they are growing EVERYWHERE in rural areas of… Continue reading Wild Sand Plum Jelly

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