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Avoid common mistakes and buyer's remorse.


With all of your options in one place, making decisions is easy.

  • Recommendations
  • Worksheets
  • Checklists
Freeze Dryer Size Comparison


With all of your options in one place, making decisions is easy.

  • Recommendations
  • Worksheets
  • Checklists

"The Complete Freeze Dryer Buyer's Guide helped me think through each part of the buying process. I loved the recommendations that Stephanie made for each part because I trust that she knows which size and pump work for most people. I have ordered my freeze dryer and started gathering the items from the checklist. I can't wait to start freeze drying!"

- Melissa H -

Need Help Making Buying Decisions?

Get The Complete Freeze Dryer Buyer's Guide for $17 and feel confident with your purchase.

  • Choose the Correct Size Freeze Dryer
  • Choose the Best Vacuum Pump to Match Your Needs
  • Choose the Ideal Location to Set Up Your Freeze Dryer
  • Choose the Right Table or Cart For Your Freeze Dryer
  • Gather All of the Items You Need to Complete Your First Batch of Food
  • Bonus - Freeze Drying Tips & Tricks
The Complete Freeze Dryer Buyer's Guide

"I was so stressed that I would regret buying the wrong size freeze dryer. There was so much conflicting information online that I couldn't decide what was best for my family. Then I bought this buyer's guide and it walked me through each decision. Having all of the information in one place made everything so much easier to understand and I was able to place my order within a few hours."

- Linda G -

Are you ready to invest in your future?

Just imagine how it would feel if you could...

  • Feel confident that your family will have food in an emergency, rather than relying on food from the grocery store.
  • Preserve your homegrown fruits and vegetables for 25 years, rather than just a few months or years with other methods.
  • Retain 97% of the nutritional value of food, rather than 40%-60% with other preservation methods.
  • Build up a long-term supply of your favorite recipes, rather than buying commercially packaged food.
  • Save money freeze drying food at home, rather than spending 3-5 times more on store-bought freeze dried food.
  • Freeze dry leftovers and near expiring food, rather than throwing food away.

"I have been on the fence about buying a freeze dryer because I thought they were too expensive. After reading the emails from Stephanie I realized how much food my family was throwing away and I decided to make the investment to start to freeze dry that food instead."

- Pat M -

Hi, I'm Stephanie!

I remember how excited I was when I first bought my freeze dryer.

Stephanie Brown

Way back in 2014 I didn't have any options to choose from. There was 1 size freeze dryer and 1 vacuum pump available. But Harvest Right has grown and they give their customers options to fit their needs.

You are so lucky to have so many choices to make and I want to help you make the right decisions. I have compiled all of the information for you and given you worksheets to guide you through the process. I can't wait for you to get started!

"I tried using the information that was available online to decide which size freeze dryer to buy but I was so overwhelmed and didn't know which one to choose. I didn't want to have buyer's remorse on such a big purchase. Stephanie helped me make an informed decision and now I just have to wait for my freeze dryer to arrive!"

- Charity P -

What You Get In This Guide

Freeze Dryer

- Step 1 -
Choose a Freeze Dryer

3 sizes to choose from. Fill out each worksheet to determine which size is best for you.


- Step 2 -
Choose a Vacuum Pump

3 options to choose from. Consider the features for each one to determine which pump is best for you.


- Step 3 -
Set Up Your Workstation

Choose the best location and surface type to set up your freeze dryer.

Must Have Check

- Step 4 -
Gather Must Have Items

A checklist of everything that you will need to gather before your freeze dryer arrives.

Optional Checklist

- Step 5 -
Gather Optional Items

A checklist of optional items that will speed up food prep, food storage, and maintenance.

Save Money

- Bonus -
Freeze Drying Tips & Tricks

Save time and avoid costly mistakes by following my tips and tricks.


"I knew which freeze dryer I wanted but was so confused about which vacuum pump I needed. I'm so glad I bought this guide because it ended up saving me money on my purchase."

- Charlie S -


What's included with The Complete Freeze Dryer Buyer's Guide?

The guide will take you through the 5 step process of choosing a freeze dryer, choosing a vacuum pump, setting up your workstation, gathering must-have items, and choosing optional items.

The guide includes:

  • Specific information about size, cost, and requirements.
  • Planning worksheets to aid you in the decision process.
  • My recommendations based on experience.
  • Checklists to help you keep track of items you have and need.
  • Notes section to keep track of your thoughts and questions.

BONUS - Freeze Drying Tips & Tricks
(only available when purchased
through this page)

This is an entirely digital guide. You will not receive a physical product.

What will I learn?

In The Complete Freeze Dryer Buyer's Guide you'll learn:

  • All of the specifications of each freeze dryer size to consider when buying.
  • All of the specifications of each vacuum pump to consider when buying.
  • What to consider when choosing where to set up your freeze dryer.
  • What to consider when choosing a table or cart for your freeze dryer.
  • What items you need to have on hand when your freeze dryer arrives.
  • What optional items I recommend to save time and freeze dry like a pro.

Is this a real book?

This is not a book, it is a digital guide designed to help you buy a freeze dryer and everything that you need to go with it.

Please keep in mind that all materials are delivered digitally in PDF format

Can I get a physical copy?

At this time The Complete Freeze Dryer Buyer's Guide is only available as a digital PDF download. You can print the guide and have it bound or keep it in a 3-ring binder. The entire guide is 22 pages.

Is The Complete Freeze Dryer Buyer's Guide right for me?

This guide is perfect for the person who is ready to buy a freeze dryer but isn't sure which option to choose.

Purchasing a freeze dryer usually comes after much research and deliberation. This guide will help you quickly and easily work through each decision so that you can be confident that you have made the right choices.

Isn't this information available for free online?

Some of the information in this guide can be found online. I have put all of the specifications such as price, dimensions, weight, and food capacity in a clear and concise format to save you time.

I have formatted the guide in a way that will allow you to make each decision systematically, without stress or worry.

I have included my personal recommendations and a list of items that I have found, through years of freeze drying, which will save time and make the process easy.

You can find more information on the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer through my affiliate link HERE.

How soon after purchasing will I receive my product?

The Complete Freeze Dryer Buyer's Guide will be delivered digitally as a download from the checkout page as well as a link to the download via the email address you provide at checkout. The email should arrive within 5-10 minute of your purchase.

What's the investment?

The guide materials are available TODAY for the special price of $17. All of the information provided is a $40 value!

What is your return policy?

I am so confident that you will find this guide helpful that I offer a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you didn't learn anything from this guide simply email me and I will refund your money no questions asked. However, I am always happy to accept feedback on how I can improve my course if you feel like it didn't meet your expectations.