I'm so glad you are staying!

Bear with me during this transition time. In the past my goal was to help new acreage owners grow and preserve their own food.
But now that we are empty nesters, my goals have changed. You can still benefit from the resources found on acrelife.com but I will be shifting my focus to living a healthy and abundant life.

You are all set for now but if you want a sneak peak of what I've been building, feel free to keep scrolling this page.

Why the shift in goals?

We had big plans when we purchased our acreage, however my body had plans of its own. Because of my heat intollerance, the development of blood clots, and an elevated heart rate, I was no longer able to work outside to the extent that was needed to build our acreage.

Check out these Resources

If you just joined recently because you were interested in learning about the benefits of molecular hydrogen water, here is a link to the online course I created called Freeze Dry University. Preserving food has and will continue to be a priority for our family and the best way that I have found is preserving through freeze drying. 

And if you have been around a while, you might be interested in The Complete Hydration Manual. Proper hydration is what has healed my body and I know that it can help you too.