Ready to get started freeze drying?

This guide shows you...

  • What foods you can freeze dry.
  • Helps you choose the right freeze dryer.
  • List of tools you need to have success.


Wondering where to start?

I can help you. Here's what to do next:

Interested in freeze drying but not sure where to start? Get a free copy of How To Get Started Freeze Drying
 & learn what you can freeze dry and how to get started.

Already have a freeze dryer but you aren't sure what to do with it? Get your copy of Freeze Drying Success: 30 Day Plan to Jumpstart Your Food Storage Supply. Take the guesswork out of your first 10 loads.
& learn how to preserve delicious and nutritious fruit for snacking, baking, and so much more.

Ready to gain more knowledge about everything that you can preserve with your freeze dryer? Enroll in my online course Freeze Dry University: Start with the Basics. I'll teach you everything you need to know to be successful in 10 information packed lessons.

Hi, I'm Stephanie

My goal is to help you gain confidence so that you can quickly begin to build your long-term food storage using your Harvest Right home freeze dryer.

I have been freeze drying since 2014 and I remember how scary it was to get started. I want to assure you freeze drying isn't scary and it is actually very addicting.

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