Trimming Cedar Trees

Trimming Cedar Trees Why are we trimming our cedar trees? My feelings toward cedar trees change with the seasons. In the winter I love them because they are green and seem cheery among the dead grass and leafless trees. In the summer I hate them because of their bagworms, fire danger and the inability to… Continue reading Trimming Cedar Trees

Where Do I Place The Hive?

Where Do I Place The Hive? The hive location doesn’t really matter much to the bees, and they will adapt to their surroundings. But you can help make their lives more productive if you follow a few guidelines. Sun Wind Rain Direction of the hive entrance Access to water Ease of harvesting Your bees will fly… Continue reading Where Do I Place The Hive?

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Planting Wildflowers

Planting Wildflowers in 5 Easy Steps Wildflowers are important to pollinators like bees and butterflies. They also provide beauty to our landscapes so that we can also benefit from their presence. With so many of the natural wildflowers disappearing from farming and development, planting wildflowers on your land is essential if you have space. Luckily we… Continue reading Planting Wildflowers

Growing Weeds

Growing Weeds I hate to brag but… I am an expert at growing weeds. I don’t even have to work at it, I just wake up and they are there. I’m not talking about the occasional stray weed or grass that finds it’s way among the tomatoes. I’m talking about an entire garden bed full… Continue reading Growing Weeds

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Beekeeping Terminology

Beekeeping Terminology There are many words that I didn’t know when I first became interested in beekeeping. Here is a list of the common terminology that every beekeeper should know before they get started with their first hive. Apiary – The place where bees and their hives are kept by a beekeeper. Also called a Bee Yard.… Continue reading Beekeeping Terminology

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To Bee or Not to Bee?

Do I want to be a beekeeper? Does the presence of a bee make you want to get up and leave the area? That is exactly what happened to me at a baseball game last week. I didn’t freak out and run around like a crazy person. I simply got up and walked away until… Continue reading To Bee or Not to Bee?

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