10 DIY Compost Bin Ideas

Are you ready to compost? Do you cringe at the thought of spending a ton of money buying a fancy tumbler with wheels? Well, I do too! So I did some research to find some DIY compost bins that wouldn’t break my budget. I thought I would share them with you to save you time.… Continue reading 10 DIY Compost Bin Ideas

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Composting in the Winter

Composting In The Winter For me composting is a little like recycling, once you start you become obsessed. I’ll admit I used to laugh at people who recycled. We used our little blue tubs that the city provided for recycling as storage bins in our garage. But that has changed. Maybe it’s getting older (and hopefully… Continue reading Composting in the Winter

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Planting Wildflowers

Planting Wildflowers in 5 Easy Steps Wildflowers are important to pollinators like bees and butterflies. They also provide beauty to our landscapes so that we can also benefit from their presence. With so many of the natural wildflowers disappearing from farming and development, planting wildflowers on your land is essential if you have space. Luckily we… Continue reading Planting Wildflowers

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