Christmas Potpourri - Acre Life

Christmas Potpourri

Christmas Potpourri I love this recipe for a simmering pot Christmas potpourri. It fills your house with such an amazing smell that is a perfectRead More

Trimmed Cedar Trees - Acre Life

Trimming Cedar Trees

Trimming Cedar Trees Why are we trimming our cedar trees? My feelings toward cedar trees change with the seasons. In the winter I love themRead More


Planting Wildflowers

Planting Wildflowers in 5 Easy Steps Wildflowers are important to pollinators like bees and butterflies. They also provide beauty to our landscapes so that we canRead More

Growing Weeds

Growing Weeds

Growing Weeds I hate to brag but… I am an expert at growing weeds. I don’t even have to work at it, I just wakeRead More

Beekeeping Terminology Common Terms Every Beekeeper Should Know - AcreLife

Beekeeping Terminology

Beekeeping Terminology There are many words that I didn’t know when I first became interested in beekeeping. Here is a list of the common terminologyRead More

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