Diffuser Christmas Ornament


Diffuser Christmas Ornament

I love the smell of fresh Christmas trees. Unfortunately, I have to get that scent through my DIY diffuser ornaments. I have to admit that I have an artificial Christmas tree for several reasons. First is the cost-effectiveness of having a tree that can be used year after year. Second is the ease of caring for an artificial tree vs. a fresh tree. Third is the messiness of fresh trees.

After I decorated my Christmas tree today, I sat here admiring it and thinking, “if I could smell it, it would be perfect.” I love using essential oils in my home. I love using natural products in projects. So I decided to make some wool ball ornaments that I could put drops of essential oils on to mimic the smell of a fresh Christmas tree.

How To Make Wool Christmas Ornaments

What You Need


Step 1 – Wrap It

  1. Wrap the yarn around three fingers about 20 times.
  2. Take the yarn off of your fingers. Take care to keep the shape.
  3. Wrap the yarn about 20 times in the opposite direction in the middle of that section.
  4. Pinch the two ends together and begin to wrap them tightly in a ball.
  5. Keep wrapping until you end up with the size ornament that you want. I made mine small because they aren’t a focal point of my tree. I will tuck my ornaments back in the tree so they won’t be noticeable.
  6. Tuck the end under another strand. Make sure that it is secure so that it doesn’t unravel before it is fully felted.

Step 2 – Felt It

The felting process will fuse the yarn and give your ornament a smoother finish. This process will keep the strands from unraveling. This is where the pantyhose come in.

  1. Cut one leg off leaving the toe section intact.
  2. Put one ornament in the toe of the pantyhose.
  3. Twist the pantyhose to secure the ornament tight in the pantyhose.
  4. Tie string on top of the ornament to secure it in place. Do not use your wool yarn to tie this part or it will felt along with the ornament.
  5. Repeat this step with each of your ornaments. It reminds me of storing garlic.
  6. Put your ornament casing in the washing machine and wash in hot water.
  7. Finally, put your ornament casing in the dryer and dry with hot heat.

Step 3 – Finish It

Your ornaments should be smooth and tight. If you don’t feel like the yarn is tight enough, you can repeat the process.

  1. I put a hook into my ornaments.
  2. If you made your ornaments larger or you want them prominently displayed you can get fancy with your hanger.
  3. You may opt to thread a colored string through the top of your ornaments and tie a pretty bow at the top.
  4. Put several drops of essential oils onto your ornaments. You will need to re-apply the oils as the scent dissipates.

You may also decide to use these diffuser ornaments in other decorations. Make them in different colors to match your decor.

You can find some of my favorite essential oil Christmas recipes. Add a single oil or a blend of oils to your Diffuser Christmas Ornaments and enjoy the wonderful scent.

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