Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer

I highly recommend the Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer

Why I Highly Recommend The Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer

I have to admit to you that my husband and I were bitten by the Prepper Bug. We started out with a survival backpack and a 72-hour food kit. We then began to add more freeze-dried food to our inventory monthly. It was viewed by us as an investment in our family and our future. I will discuss the companies that we purchased from at a later time. After about a year of building up our food storage, we heard about a way that we could freeze dry our own food at home. We researched the Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer and we were hooked.

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Freeze Drying vs Canning, Freezing, and Dehydrating

Finding out the benefits of freeze drying was the most amazing part of our research. I’ve canned jam and jelly and I love having those to enjoy year round. I also love having jam and jelly on hand to share with family and friends. I still can items and plan to continue because I think it is a skill that should be preserved (pun intended). However, canning can be dangerous if not done properly. Not to mention the hours it takes slaving over a hot stove and the large amount of space that the jars take up on a shelf.

Freezing is obviously the easiest way to store food but it’s not a long-term solution. I have thrown away so much food because of freezer burn or the dreaded power outage that lasts for days.

I have never personally dehydrated food for several reasons. The main reason is that the food looks gross. Dehydrated food is brown, tough and sometimes chewy. Dehydrated food is also hard to rehydrate and it loses some of its original taste and nutrients.

What Can You Freeze Dry?

The better question would probably be, what CAN’T you freeze dry. My main answer from experience is peanut butter. Don’t try it. It won’t work. Here is a list of what you can freeze dry:

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables – Green Beans
  • Meats
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Sweets (including ice cream)
  • Whole Meals

When you are ready to eat your freeze-dried food you have two options. You can add cold or hot water to rehydrate your food. Or you can simply eat it in its freeze-dried state. Some of my favorites are pineapple and ice cream.

Ready to Get Started Freeze Drying?

Freeze dry your favorite recipes, foods, snacks, and desserts at home. I have included some great information including what foods you can freeze dry, how to choose the best sized freeze dryer, and all the items you need to be successful in my FREE guide How to Get Started Freeze Drying. In addition to access to this amazing guide, you will be added to my mailing list where I will continue to give you some great information about freeze drying.

Save Money

I mentioned that we purchased freeze-dried meal kits and individual cans of food from companies. I still feel like that was a good investment and the peace of mind that our food storage gives us continues today. However, those meals are expensive. You can save up to 80% by creating your own freeze-dried food storage. By having a home freeze dryer you will be able to save money in several resulting in your freeze dryer paying for itself.

  • Buy In Bulk And Freeze Dry At Home
  • Grow Your Own Food
  • Don’t Throw Away Food – Freeze Dry It!
  • Freeze Dried Fresh Fruit Snacks Are Healthier And Cheaper Than Storebought

Purchase Your Own Freeze-Dryer

I do need to disclose that I am an affiliate partner with Harvest Right. That means that if you purchase a home freezer by clicking on a link from my website I will be compensated. It won’t cost you more and you will be helping me. However, I would recommend the Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer even if I wasn’t being compensated. My husband and I have been sharing our love of this freeze dryer, as well as freeze-dried goodies, with our friends and family for years. We bought our freeze-dryer before they offered different colors or sizes!

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The Specifications

The large Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer has the capacity to freeze dry two gallons (two #10 cans) with each 24-hour batch, producing around 550 gallons of food annually. It is the perfect solution to easily preserve fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, complete meals, desserts…and more!

  • Available in 3 sizes:
    Small: 16.5″ W x 18.5″ D x 25″ H (195 gallons/year)
    Medium: 18″ W x 21.25″ D x 28.5″ H (312 gallons/year)
    Large: 20.25 ” W x 23.75″ D x 30.75″ H (546 gallons/year)
  • Available in Several Colors
  • Easy setup—connect the vacuum pump, plug in and begin.
  • Preserve food for up to 25 years with your own freeze dryer.
  • Includes a commercial-grade vacuum pump.
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  1. This looks amazing. Unfortunatly it looks like this company only deliver to the US, Would you be able to help me find something like this in the UK? I’m probably going to take your freeze dry course.

    1. Hi Kayleigh, I contacted Harvest Right and emailed you a copy of the correspondence. Let me know if you don’t get it.

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